Alexandra Sweeney

Teach me not to dream, dream deeply

Alexandra Sweeney hails from the small town of Brookfield, CT. Ever since she was the age of 10 she's had a fascination for photography and taking pictures of the way she sees the world. She enjoys taking pictures of the abstract, people, and fashion.
She has a vast knowledge of the darkroom and is also extremely talented in her use of her digital camera and Photoshop. She has been mentored by Laurie Klein and had her very first gallery in her senior year of high school. She considers her vast knowledge of music, and vast love of lyrics as a huge motive of inspiration and constant help in her development of ideas. She has recently graduated Western Connecticut State University with her BFA in Art. Currently Alexandra is working at NBC Universal as a Production Assistant. 


Fashion News Live, Antonio Franqueira Graphic Design, Motion City Soundtrack, L'etage Magazine, Two Fisted Law, Malan Breton,